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Physics, Freshmen, Furniture… and a Grant Win!

There hasn’t been a lot of action on this blog site so far this school year—but not because there aren’t things worth writing home about! As you can imagine, I (Mr. Meadth) have been much busier on the ground each day with cleaning and supervision, let alone teaching the engineering class. But some things are […]

Senior Spotlight: Alena Zeni

Alena Zeni is one of the many seniors worldwide whose last year of high school is looking quite different from what they expected. Prom has been canceled; Providence’s iconic “senior presentations” were carried out online; graduation will be a bit creative this year to say the least. Alena Zeni, Class of 2020 Yet, while noting […]

A Tour of JPL

(This is the eighth in a series of blog articles written by the Providence Engineering Academy students. Pedro in 11th grade reflects on his experience at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena on our class field trip earlier this year.) “The trip was really inspiring way above expectations. I enjoyed the chance to see where […]

Private vs. Government Space Programs

(This is the seventh in a series of blog articles written by the Providence Engineering Academy students. In this article, 12th-grade student Todd shares why privately-funded organizations may be a better choice for space exploration.) Space travel. It’s been around since 1961 when the Soviets launched Yuri Gagarin into space. But who has been sending […]

Space: The Final Frontier

(This is the second in a series of blog articles written by the Providence Engineering Academy students. In the light of our recent trip to Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Ben in 12th Grade describes some of the history and future of space exploration.) The concept of space travel has captured the public eye since […]

Summer Camp 2018

It was such a roaring success the first time that we just had to do it all over again! The second annual Providence Engineering Summer Camp finished today, and the brightly lit robot city took wings with our special theme: SPACE. We all know it’s the final frontier, and our fifteen campers interpreted this idea in […]

Space Station Design: Engineers Bring CAD Expertise to Physics Class

In Mr. Hurt’s Physics class, freshmen and sophomore students are currently designing space stations. Pictured here are the printed CAD models of some of those space stations. Note the circular symmetry in each that allows rotational motion to simulate gravity. Student work from left to right: Todd, Victor, Josh, Alec, Alena In the past, this project […]

Scott Kelly at the Granada

Some of our readers might be aware of the historic experience of Captain Scott Kelly, the American astronaut who spent approximately a year on the International Space Station. Captain Kelly carried out over 400 scientific experiments in his time in orbit, did several spacewalks, and took hundreds of incredible photos. Since his return, he has toured […]

Guest Speaker: Nathan Gates

Last Friday, our Foundations of Engineering II group was privileged to hear from retired aerospace engineer Dr. Nathan Gates. Dr. Gates has worked for many years at Astro Aerospace, based in Carpinteria, and is recently retired. Dr Gates shows a telescoping boom design that he worked on Dr. Gates’ impressive career was mainly focused on […]

Midde School Final Challenge Complete!

After weeks of hard work designing, building, and programming a Mars rover, four middle school teams headed out to the gym to put it all to the test. These robots were created entirely from scratch–no instructions, no plans, just the student teams and their own wits! The goal was to create a remote-controlled robot that could collect […]