Scott Kelly at the Granada

Some of our readers might be aware of the historic experience of Captain Scott Kelly, the American astronaut who spent approximately a year on the International Space Station. Captain Kelly carried out over 400 scientific experiments in his time in orbit, did several spacewalks, and took hundreds of incredible photos. Since his return, he has toured round to various locations and shared about his experiences.

Providence has three Scotts of its own, and one of them–Dr. Scott Lisea–reached out to the Engineering Academy to invite some of the top students to attend one of Captain Kelly’s presentations at the Granada. Jake and Kylie accepted the invitation with pleasure, and Mr. Meadth came along as well.

Captain Kelly was good enough to pose with Kylie and Jake
for a quick photo after the event

Scott Kelly was warm, engaging, and full of good humor. He described how he lacked motivation and discipline during his elementary and secondary schooling, and that his outlook changed when he read the stories of earlier NASA astronauts. He encouraged the audience to do what any good astronaut does: ignore the things they can’t change, and focus on what they can. He described the physical and psychological challenges of living in an isolated structure for so long, and how he gained a strong friendship with his Russian cosmonaut partners.

Thanks again to Dr. Lisea for providing this special opportunity for our students, and thanks to Captain Kelly for setting a strong example of leadership and persistence.

The Granada Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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