Bruce Rottman Announces His Retirement

Bruce Rottman, Upper School humanities, economics, and government teacher, plans to retire from full-time classroom teaching at the end of the current school year. Mr. Rottman joined the Providence Hall faculty in 2009 and has played a pivotal role in Providence School’s development and flourishing.

Bruce Rottman
Bruce Rottman

A fulltime high school teacher since 1980, Mr. Rottman has enjoyed 42 consecutive years fulfilling his lifelong passion to teach. His career has taken the Muskegon, Michigan native to both Christian and independent schools in Florida (Naples Christian Academy), Northern California (Contra Costa Christian School), Washington (Lynden Christian School), Wisconsin (Brookfield Academy) and finally, southern California (Providence School). 

“I am grateful God has granted me all these years and incredible opportunities to shape the minds and hearts of the next generation,” says Mr. Rottman. “I have had the privilege to not only guide young minds in how to think, but I’ve also been able to guide them as they discern what to think about the topics I believe are noble, virtuous, and important to advancing God’s Kingdom.” 

A dynamic classroom teacher

When Mr. Rottman joined Providence Hall, the high school, founded in 2007, was still in its start-up phase. “Under God’s providence and through the persistent effort of our board members, administrators, faculty, and supporters, we have created a wonderful school that provides stellar opportunities for students to engage with great ideas, grow spiritually, and develop the skills and habits that will serve them well in college and throughout their lives,” he reflected.  

Rod Meadth, Upper School principal, says he expects Mr. Rottman’s retirement will bring mixed emotions from the faculty and student body. “Bruce has been a pillar of our teaching community over the years, with many students attesting to his good influence in their lives. Students coming up may be disappointed to learn he is retiring, but we can’t expect him to teach forever! After 42 years of devotion to his craft and hundreds of students having passed through his classroom, he has earned a rest. But I know that the lives he has shaped will continue to pass on that good influence in their own families, businesses, and communities. Bruce is passionate about building the Kingdom of God with excellence and understanding, and he can be proud of having done just that. This is his legacy.”

Mr. Rottman looks forward to whatever the future holds outside the classroom, which is likely to be a combination of consulting, part-time teaching, writing, creating art, renovating an older home, and spending time with his family. To ease into retirement, he has accepted a one-year position to launch a free market institute and teach a dual-credit economics class at Brookfield Academy, in conjunction with Concordia University Wisconsin.

“I will never retire from sharing my passion for liberty and sound economics and how those ideals reduce poverty and contribute to human flourishing,” Mr. Rottman says. “Without a doubt, I remain committed to the Providence mission and to seeing the school I’ve been privileged to help build succeed at every level. I am confident God has provided an excellent new faculty member in Jamie DeVries, who will bring his own mix of talents and skills to benefit our students.”

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