The Providence Engineering Academy is a proven pathway for students considering a career in math, science, or engineering disciplines. Under the direction of Mr. Rodney Meadth, students are enrolled in specific classes from ninth through twelfth grade, experiencing the breadth of a modern engineering experience.

Set in the school’s Christian liberal arts context, students are taught to ask: 

How can I best solve problems and serve others with my unique skills and training? 

Through physics, computer modeling, hands-on projects, robotics, architecture, and more, students are inspired and equipped to find creative solutions to the world’s problems, all the while recognizing that they are doing so as imitators of a creative God.


Engineering Design

With training in product design, traditional drafting, computer-aided design (CAD), architecture, and 3D printing and other manufacturing methods, students are taught to create efficient and effective designs. In teams and individually they participate in rapid charrettes, honing their ability to represent their solutions to clients in a variety of ways.


Robotic systems offer a way for students to grow in many areas, including structural design, sensor technology, programming and logic, and systems engineering. Students produce unique robotic solutions and present them back to our school community—no building from instructions allowed here!

Engineering Statics

Statics is the study of stationary objects and systems, such as beams and trusses. This course, teaching college-level content, culminates in a design project where students design, refine, and build a structure that meets a community need.

Engineering Dynamics

Dynamics is the study of how physical objects move, accelerate, and interact with each other. Focusing on flight, this course teaches essential aerodynamic principles and culminates in an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) project and a tethered powered fixed-wing aircraft, both of which are designed mathematically and manufactured in-house.

Beyond-the-Classroom Engineering Opportunities

Along with formal classes, engineering students are also encouraged to round out their studies in a variety of ways:

  • Local internships

  • Senior thesis project topics focused on engineering and technology

  • Volunteer opportunities for stand-alone engineering projects

  • Serving younger students through tutoring, summer camps, and clubs

Enroll here:

Interested students may enroll in classes without formal application. Students who complete all engineering courses over the four years of upper school will be recognized at graduation as having completed all requirements of the Providence Engineering Academy.

All questions or comments may be fielded to Mr. Meadth, either in person or at