America’s Civics Education in Trouble

  By Chloe Olsen, Class of 2021 Dinner is served, and the powers of the government are hungry. As politicians eagerly lift the lid from the silver platter, there lie your rights. All the worse, you, the server, did not look under the lid before you inadvertently surrendered your freedom to the mouths of tyrants.  […]

COVID, Learning, and Liberty

COVID, Learning, and Liberty Bend the curve. Social distancing. A few months ago, these might have referenced grading trends or high school dances, but now, they seem destined to enter 2020’s lexicon as something we’d like to forget. What’s it like to do distance learning at Providence? Two personal first impressions: 1) Providence teachers and […]

Words and Numbers Hosts Visit Providence

By Chloe Olsen, Class of 2021 Coercion’s grasp is capable of stripping American society of liberties, and our deliverance relies on cooperation. On Tuesday, February 21, Drs. James Harrigan and Antony Davies presented a talk to Providence students targeting these concepts. Dr. Harrigan is the managing director of the Center for Philosophy of Freedom and […]

Socialism, Christians, and Ayn Rand’s Anthem

By Chloe Olson     An apple is not an orange.  Even if I desire that apple to be an orange and call my desire true, it is not.  You might disagree and tell me that apple can be whatever I wish it to be.  These questions concern philosophy: when one dwells on existence,  and forms […]

How Foursquare Reveals the Beauty of Spontaneous Order

By Jake Yonally At my high school, four square has always been our lunchtime recreational game of choice. Every day, dozens of students gather on the blacktop to participate in a game with no clear winner, no referees, no official teams, and no written rules or regulations whatsoever. It is—or at least it would appear […]

Celebrate Providence Event a Spectacular Success

Celebrate Providence! A Seaside Soiree took place March 15 at the Rosewood Miramar Beach. It was a special evening that brought together the Providence School community to celebrate Christian education, honor God and his faithfulness to the school, and raise necessary support for the students and mission.  From start to finish, the evening was spectacular. Memorable moments […]

What Do Americans Know about the American System?

What Do Americans Know about the American System? By Emma Gobbell, Class of 2020     A survey conducted by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation this year discovered that a mere 36% of Americans were able to pass the U.S. citizenship test, based on questions given to immigrants who apply for American citizenship. This test […]