In May of this year, the Foundations of Engineering II group had the delightful privilege of hearing from Mr. Alain Clenet, a local inventor. Not wanting anyone to miss out on the lifetime of wisdom this man has to offer, we arranged for him to come back again and speak to the Advanced Engineering II group. The class is studying flight and aerodynamics, and so Mr. Clenet began with a few technical lessons on the aerodynamics of some of his past inventions.

Alain Clenet describes the aerodynamics of 4WD differentials
and Japanese Maglev trains

After discussing some of his inventions for reducing turbulence drag on large trucks, Mr. Clenet described to the students how they might possibly gain patents for their own ideas and inventions. Mr. Clenet holds over 100 patents, and is eager for young entrepreneurs to publish their ideas and safeguard them.

Eva asks Mr. Clenet a question about his projects

Mr. Clenet also cautioned the students against making money their primary goal, warning that money, while absolutely necessary, is no good thing to live for. The students gladly received his advice, along with his many stories!

Mr. Clenet enjoys a picture with the entire Advanced Engineering II
class, from left to right: Claire, Victor, Eva, Gabe, Caleb, Aaron,
Kylie, Megan, Mr. Meadth, Josh, Colby, Mikaela and Tys (front)

Thank you, Alain, for visiting our Academy once again, and thank you students for receiving our visitor so warmly. Keep those inventions coming!