Last Wednesday, Mr. Alker and three students (Josh, Wade, and Caleb) spent the evening hearing from top professionals in their respective arenas at the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast. The topic for the evening was “The Future of Digital Imaging & Camera Technology”. The program featured Nicholas Weissman (Founder & Director, Vacationland Studios), Russ Mead (VP of Engineering, SEEK THERMAL Infrared Imaging), and Dr. Edward Clift (Co-Author, “Digital Futures and the City of Today).
Left to right: Mr. Alker, Josh, Wade, Caleb, and the students’
sponsor, Ms. Horton

The students enjoyed hearing about the topics: a very practical cinematography presentation by Nicholas Weissman, an introduction to the infrared industry by Russ Mead, and a challenging and thoughtful presentation from Dr. Clift about how imagery is shaping modern forms of communication. After the presentation, students mingled with local leading architects and entrepreneurs.

We want to especially thank Kristi Horton of the Education Committee who invited the students to participate and sponsored their attendance. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the MIT Enterprise Forum and the rich and engaging programs they offer.