The Providence Engineering Academy and the MS Science Department are excited to present the second annual Middle School Science and Engineering Expo. It will be held at the Providence Upper Campus (630 East Canon Perdido Street) on Monday, April 24 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Entry is free, and refreshments will be provided.

Levers, pulleys, and screws, oh my! The theme is “Machines”, with a medieval/Renaissance twist. The students have spent a month preparing their projects, building catapults, pulley systems, Archimedean war engines, and more. The interactive exhibits will be running the entire time, so come learn and support our students at this fun, family-friendly event!

Erica and Belen carefully design their catapult poster
Dylan with his very impressive
tennis ball ballista

Science history buffs might recognize this one–Eureka!

Julian with an almost-finished Archimedean war engine

Is that a blender on the back of that bike, Valeria? Smoothie to go!

Chloe with a scale model of Leonardo’s aerial screw

(Many thanks to Kylie from the Providence Engineering Academy for helping write this article.)