One of the requirements for a Providence Libertas Scholar is to attend at least two seminars which deepen students’ understanding of the free society, and one popular seminar is sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education. 

A record ten Providence high school students are flying to Rome, Georgia for a Foundation for Economic Education seminar at Berry College in July. Trevor English, Josh Guinto, Jake Yonally, Jenna Peterson, Pedro Cruz, Mariano Avila, Katie Gerawan, Sandy Cruz,  Emily Peterson, and Isabelle Marchand will attend “The Economics of Entrepreneurship.”  Each student was awarded a scholarship from FEE to attend the event, and Sandy Cruz received a Libertas travel scholarship which was funded by a generous donation from the Koch Foundation. 

Libertas Director Mr. Bruce Rottman, who lectures for FEE, will give several talks at this seminar, including Economic Thinking for Entrepreneurs, Is Making a Profit Selfish?, and The Virtues of Entrepreneurship.