Last Friday, the students from the high school Providence Engineering Academy were privileged to visit the local division of Moog (rhymes with vogue). Mr Frank Mueller, a family friend of Aaron (one of our engineering students), received us warmly and spoke about his personal journey as a car enthusiast, university student, engineer, and leader in his field. Frank has worked on rocketry systems, testing equipment, cars, and heavy military equipment, for a range of American companies.

Students in front of the Moog building (no photos allowed inside–sorry!)

Frank then took us for a tour, showing us the machining facilities, electronics test benches, and heavy military equipment located in the warehouses connected to their office space. Unfortunately, we can’t show you any photos of this part of the tour! Students gained a greater appreciation of the work that goes into designing the systems that keep our troops well-equipped, and they were fascinated to hear Frank’s perspective as a Christian in this industry.

When the students were asked what was most memorable, Josh reminded us of Frank’s wise words: never stop learning. Frank stands as an example of someone who has successfully balanced studies, an engineering career, his marriage, and his faith, and our students were grateful for all that he shared with us.