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Root your identity in Christ
Forge lasting friendships
Create meaningful community

Beyond the Classroom trips provide experiences that create lasting memories for students. 

We start the school year with retreats for upper elementary, Middle School, and Upper School students. Retreats offer opportunities for growth that cannot happen within the four walls of the classroom. Students enjoy team-building games, physical challenges, and chapel meetings devoted to worship and spiritual development.

Extended and overnight excursions provide rich opportunities to build community: cooking and eating together, sharing a cabin and brushing teeth, snoring, and laughing together, and serving one another in a myriad of ways naturally establishes and deepens relationships. Facing fears, snorkeling at night, tackling challenging hikes, braving cliff-jumps or zip lines, and sharing devotions under a canopy of stars—these experiences are worth their weight in gold.

Educational trips culminate after a comprehensive study of a specific subject. These trips offer opportunities to blend content with context and community to develop learners who seek the truth together and treat difference with civility. When we pair experiences with great texts that raise questions about the shared human experience, curiosity and excitement about learning explode, and students’ lives are transformed. 

Educational trips include:

Third Grade – San Diego Historical Trip and Science Adventure (2 days)

Fourth Grade – California Historical Tour of Sacramento, Gold Country, and San Francisco (4 days)

Fifth Grade – U.S. History in Southern California includes overnight on a battleship, a recreation of Independence Hall, and a Civil War Reenactment (2 days)

Sixth Grade – Catalina Science Camp (4 days)

Seventh Grade – San Diego Historical Tour and Safari (3 days)

Eighth Grade – Historical tour of Washington, D.C. and nearby sites (10 days)

Freshman–Senior Years – Outdoor adventure activities lead by Providence teachers: mountain biking, camping, hiking, surfing, skiing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and more

New trips and experiences are planned every year, to suit the interests and goals of Providence students.

Senior Year – Culminating class trip to Big Bear

Outdoor Adventures Include:

Hollister Ranch Surf Trip:  Students enjoy two days of surfing various spots on the exclusive Hollister Ranch with an experienced guide and Ranch local. Overnight camping. (Intermediate to advanced surfers)

Mammoth Ski / Snowboard Trip: Students enjoy two full days skiing or snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. Accommodations at a nearby hotel or condominium rental.

Kern River Whitewater Rafting Trip: Students enjoy a Class III-IV guided whitewater experience over three days. This trip includes tent camping and rock climbing.

Channel Island Kayaking– Students enjoy three days and two nights exploring Santa Cruz Island, with kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, and overnight camping.

“It’s the experiences that stick with the students. The honest campfire conversations, the moment they overcome a long-held fear to the cheer of their classmates, and unplugging from the world and taking in the sights, smells, and feelings all help to bring a fullness to their educational experience here at Providence. “

– Scott Mitchell, Outdoor Education Director