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At Providence, we believe every child and every family should feel seen and known.

With joy, integrity, and compassion, we welcome students into our family-oriented and Christ-centered community.

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Fostering an enthusiasm for learning

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Christian Education Philosophy

We believe in equipping students to actively engage their world and influence their culture through academic excellence. The work at Providence is challenging—for a purpose. Providence seeks to develop students who have resilience, sharp minds, and a clear calling and purpose for serving God and his Kingdom all the days of their lives. Providence graduates matriculate to competitive colleges and universities prepared to thrive and equipped to live purpose-driven lives with wisdom and discernment.

Providence is not just a college-preparatory school. We seek to be a life-preparatory school, raising the bar on both academic excellence and spiritual passion so as to graduate students who will positively influence the world. We begin with the end in mind. We measure success by what students become, not only by what they know. We think excellent grades and test scores are important because they reflect our students’ effort and work ethic, not just their innate aptitude. But we also seek to foster academic and life skills—what we call the “habits of the mind”—that will help them live purposeful and productive lives that glorify God and contribute to the good of their community. Our goal is to equip our students spiritually and academically to become active followers of Jesus, capable of making a real difference in the world.

The education of many godly leaders and great Christian apologists of the past was based on a curriculum grounded in a commitment to understanding the world and reality from a biblical perspective. Many schools today have deviated from these standards and too few students are being challenged to press toward a vision and goal that is larger than themselves. Our desire is to challenge and encourage our students to answer God’s call upon their unique gifts, talents, and opportunities to make a difference. Providence trains its students to invest their gifts, talents, and passions to glorify God and further his Kingdom by engaging and serving their communities.

Providence School is ultimately about changing lives to make a strategic difference. It is more than a school. It seeks to be the training ground for young disciples of Jesus who have dedicated themselves to making a difference in their generation, for the sake of the gospel, and in gratitude for the cross of Christ.

Our Mission: “Providence School prepares students for lives of purpose, equipped with the knowledge, wisdom, and character found in God’s unchanging truth.”

Our Motto: “Pursuing Truth, Beauty, and Excellence” Providence School sees pursuing truth, beauty, and excellence as essential to living a Christ-centered life.

Truth, as revealed by God through the Bible and his creation, provides the foundation on which knowledge and wisdom are built.

As a part of God’s creation, we recognize the beauty in our world and the work of our maker; we strive to mirror that in our own endeavors.

Excellence originates in God’s character; therefore, we choose to offer God our very best, using our individual God-given gifts to further his work on earth.


Latest news and game schedules for our private Christian high school and junior high in Santa Barbara.

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Middle School

What to expect in middle school at our private Christian School in Santa Barbara.

Recess & Rhetoric

We’ve never needed Christian education more than we need it today, and it’s never been more important to articulate its foundational distinctive to the world.

Senior Project

Watch video clips and see how the Senior Thesis Project encapsulates many of the traits and habits we desire a Providence graduate to obtain: critical thinking, curiosity, eloquence, collaboration, and more.