Jeff Shelton

In the middle of the first quarter, our Engineering Academy students were out on the street–Garden Street, to be precise–sketchbooks in hand, eagerly drawing pictures of interesting architecture. One stand-out building was 819 Garden Street, also known as El Jardin, designed by local architect Jeff Shelton. As the students worked busily to capture the essence of the dynamic lines and tiled surfaces, one of the men working on the building invited them to come in for a quick tour. It turned out to be Jeff himself, and he was only too glad to show the thirteen of them up and down the narrow stairways and towering balconies.
(Photos by Tys vanZeyl)
(Photos by Tys vanZeyl)
More recently, at the beginning of the second semester, the students were again invited to get a glimpse into Jeff’s world. He entertained the students for an hour or so in his workshop, showing them his plan drawings, hand-made models, tile samples, and other tools of the trade. The students were glad to hear of his experiences, and the wisdom he had to offer to aspiring designers.
(Photos by Tys vanZeyl)
Jeff also invited the students to come tour his latest construction, also on Garden Street, once it is finished. Stay posted for more!
819 Garden St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA

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